The Deep Place | International Justice Mission

by: Jonathan Zoeteman

One of the Socality core values is purposeful community and we believe that the ability to leverage the networks and relationships we have can have a profound effect on the way we affect change in the world. Every year we choose to get behind and support causes that are close to our hearts, and one of those is the issue of slavery in our modern world. We truly believe that every person deserves the right to be free, and that we can realize a world without slavery in our lifetimes.

An organization that is making a huge difference in this area is International Justice Mission (IJM), and we have an opportunity as a community to get behind their current efforts in bringing rescue and freedom to the children of Ghana.

Here's the story of one of those rescued

Here's a couple simple ways you can get involved this week:

1. Share a video on Facebook

Two different videos that can be shared to communicate the importance of the work being done in Ghana right now. 

Video 1: Aftercare: The Healing Begins: 

Video 2: The Deep Place: 

2. Give

If you're able, head over to and give something to support the rescues taking place. Everything helps, and we believe that collectively we can make a massive difference in realizing a world where slavery becomes history.