Finding that "aha" moment with Hearts Like Lions

Launching as a band in 2011, Hearts Like Lions officially released their first full-length album If I Never Speak Again last week! We are big fans of them at Socality, as you may remember hearing the sounds of this band at our Portland Socality Live in 2014!

Hearts Like Lions (HLL) is made up of 4 friends from Long Beach, California.

As the band are members of the Socality community, we wanted to share more about their story and inspirations for music and life. We recently got the chance to catch up with lead vocalist, Stephen "Da Man" Ramos to chat more about their recent release.

See our chat with Stephen Ramos below.

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1. Where did you come up with the name Hearts Like Lions and what does it mean?

Stephen Ramos: My wife came up with the name about 6 years ago when we first started the band. We wanted a name to represent the passion and the courage to speak our minds through the music we write and play.

2. What inspired you to write this album?

SR: A lot of our lyrics stem from things I've experienced first hand or have seen friends/family that are close to me go through.  "If I Never Speak Again" is an album that can almost speak for itself with the title. A lot of lyrics talk about going through the motions of rough patches in my life and getting those emotions out in a different way. A lot has to do with people always having to feel the need to fix your problems and thinking that the way things work for them will also work for you. I believe there are definitely times for that but that people also need to just be willing to listen and let you know they are there for you in the moment.

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3. What do you hope people walk away with when they listen to your music?

SR: Our hope is that people will find a connection through these songs on a deeper level. That "aha" moment as they have been in those same situations or know exactly what we are talking about. Then through that, having conversations with each other and building relationships!

4. What are the plans for HLL in 2017?

SR: Tour, tour, and tour! We are going to be traveling and playing shows as much as we can this year to support our new album. 

5. Who are your inspirations?

SR: Our inspirations are all over the place depending on who you talk to! But for this album definitely a lot of Young The Giant, Bad Suns, and Taking Back Sunday!

Make sure to pick up a copy of their latest album and catch Hearts Like Lions on tour this year! For local dates click below.

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