Come And See | Day 6

By: Parker Green, Pastor of SALT Churches

Photo by: Justin Posey, Photographer

The most significant event in Christianity was the resurrection of Jesus. Without this nothing he said or did makes sense. Paul the Apostle would tell us to essentially pick up, go home, forget about it, if indeed the resurrection did take place; "we are of all men, most to be pitied".

Today we visited the site of Jesus' tomb in Jerusalem. But how does the western mind perceive the empty tomb? Usually at metaphorical distance, formal, maybe even factual; but effective in bringing God's promises to fulfillment in our everyday lives? That super-natural kind of everyday existence where at every turn the resurrection is available to us through the work of Christ?

It cannot be about willing or forcing this to take place. We've tried, and quickly found that our strengths become weaknesses when faced with the task of transformation. To be honest I think its about making room for it; giving room in our hearts and lives to The Resurrection and The Life.

It's the person of Jesus that makes all the difference. Not the principle.

Today's experience was never about the tomb. It was about the man that made the tomb famous by leaving it after being dead for 2 days. That's the kind of strength that can lay hold of the places in you that feel dead, and bring them to life.

After all, our narrative as followers of Jesus stays the same as his original followers: He's alive, and only a living person can transform your life.

So turn now from your old life, for the Kingdom of Heaven is now one of your options.

The door is open to life, the locks shattered by the king. 

He says simply as he said at the start, "come and see".