Using Hashtags to Build Community

Hashtags get a bad wrap and it’s mostly because people don’t understand what they are necessarily for. Socality has used hashtags to cultivate and create community and if used right, can advance not only your social media experiences but can actually connect you with incredible people.

We created #socality to allow like minded individuals to connect with others locally and globally. The word Socality has nothing to do with “Socal” but rather means ‘A social community all for eternity’. We believe in being connected for purpose and forever in our goals and mission. Socality is about us connecting and using our influence collectively for good.  If you want to be a apart of a movement , then use #socality!


Use #socality when posting on social media to identify yourself as part of the community and as someone using their art and life for good. We say it is like putting your hand up in the crowd. It is a way to say, “here I am”. 

When you follow it and find others it is you saying, “There you are” and discovering others. 


Anyone can use #socality. however, we encourage people who are sincere in building authentic relationships to incorporate it in their social posting.  #socality people are sincere in their desire to to connect with others around them and work together for the betterment of community and humanity. They are artists, creatives, leaders, community builders and people passionate about making a difference with their life. 


Here are some tips on how to use #socality to build community around you!

  1. Add it to your posts. Adding #socality to your posts will help identify you as part of the community and someone who is using their art for good.
  2. Engage with others who use #socality. Follow along and like and comment on others who are using this. Cultivate relationships through engagement, starting conversations and building bridges.
  3. Use Local Hashtags. In addition to #socality, it is very common that people include their local hashtags from where they live such as #socalityseattle, #socalitycalgary #socalitydallas etc…. Use these to find others around you and identify as someone who lives in that community. When traveling, search local hashtags to find others to connect with. 


  1. Finding your tribe is important. Often you can tell through images who you will connect with. Additionally, look for similar interactions between the people you know. Take time to cultivate these relationships but also be mindful when meeting up with people. It never hurts to be wise when building face to face in person encounters. Consider taking a friend and meeting in places of business like coffee shops etc.
  2. Don’t use the hashtag to spam others.  People want authenticity so make sure to use this hashtag for the right reasons and place it on content appropriate material. 


Be a community builder and #socality ambassador by placing your best content forward and be someone who uses their art, caption and work to bring people together, encourage others and help others find authentic and meaningful relationships.