Why We Created Socality Camp

Socality launched in the beginning of 2014 around the idea that what we could do together would always be greater than what we could do on our own. Created to connect purposeful creatives from around the globe through social media and face to face interactions, we’ve seen people connect and discover creative community through 3 creative conferences, community events across North America, regional Facebook groups, and local hashtags. As we enter a new chapter in the Socality story, we’re excited for new ways to learn and connect with one another and Socality Camp is one of those ways.

What I didn’t expect on my personal creative journey was how connecting with other creatives would significantly change my life and career path. I went from taking photos with my iPhone to working with major international brands through my photography, speaking in front of thousands, and building meaningful relationships with people across the globe. All of this has been a product of learning from others, asking the right questions, and putting what I know into action.

Socality Camp has been created to provide these same opportunities to you in a concentrated atmosphere. We wanted to create a space where people could come and learn together and help push each other into their own success and opportunities. In life, so many opportunities are built on who you know. Socality Camp will give you the opportunity to build long-term relationships with others in an intimate setting and get connected into amazing opportunities. It will also put you in a beautiful location where you will have the ability to learn by doing.

We have brought together guests, creators and mavericks that are leading in the spheres of social media, entrepreneurship and creativity. Developing your creative process is an ongoing journey and we are all still learning everyday. I look forward to personally sharing with you and allowing you to download from the others at the camp.

If you are passionate about getting connected, building towards your own dreams and want to take the next step in your creative journey, then I encourage you to invest into yourself and register for Socality Camp today.

We can’t wait to meet you and see where this journey will take you!

Scott BakkenFounder, Socality