3 reasons to come to Socality Camp

We designed Socality Camp for several reasons. Socality is a creative global community where people interact and engage online but one of key objectives and core values is to bring people together in face-to-face encounters. We feel it is best to do this by creating unique experiences where people can learn and create together. For us , this usually looks like finding beautiful places where we can be surrounded by atmospheres that inspire us. This year, we have chosen the majestic landscape of the Rocky Mountains located in Alberta Canada. Known for its stunning mountain ranges and turquoise blue lakes, this is one of the most sought after destinations spots for world travelers. We have been able to create and curate a 5-day experience at a private camp including onsite experiences and excursions exploring some of the most beautiful mountains ranges in the world in the every changing colours of Autumn.

At Socality Camp we have taken the traditional elements we loved at camp as kids and put our own spin on it for a greater purpose. We believe we can use our social platforms for good and our voice is even more powerful when we share it collectively. If you are wondering if you should come to camp, here are 3 reasons why camp may be the right fit for you!

Here are 3 Reasons why You should come to Socality Camp

1. Get Connected

Life is really about who you know. There are so many individuals with incredible skills and abilities but one thing they are missing is an opportunity. Most of life’s great opportunities come from your relationships and at Socality we want to get you connected to others who are going in the same direction as you. Working with others who are skilled does several things. It makes you a better creator. It can provide collaborative efforts, which can add to your skillset. Finally, it can bring opportunity through relationship. This year at camp we have a diverse group of guests from creators, tourism boards, musical artists and TV personalities. This small, intimate camp will allow you to connect with not only our guests but those who are also attending the camp as well. If you are passionate about moving your dreams forward, then getting connected is key.

2. Create together

One way to develop your skill is to learn by doing and being in a creative environment with other creatives with help push and develop your skills. It is easily to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin, but when you know better you can do better. The key is to simply place yourself in environments that will stretch you, ask questions and learn from others. Our camp will have a various group of creators at different levels and will be a safe place to learn with others. We also have 3 excursions that will place you in the beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains as well as a rustic campsite where we will have our keynote sessions, workshops and evening campfires. You won’t have to look far for inspiration. 

3. The experience of a lifetime

We have designed Socality Camp to give you all the feels! From the beautiful landscape, to the aesthetic of the wilderness camp down to the group of people that will be in attendance. We want this to be an experience to remember. If you are travelling internationally, we have arranged for the bus to bring you from the airport directly to camp so that your trip is easy and seamless. Once you arrive at camp all your meals and accommodation are arranged so all you need to focus on is enjoying a truly incredible experience. We will send you your packing list ensuring you bring the essentials required. Most people when they travel have to arrange a lot of details. With our camp, you can book your flight to Calgary and enjoy an authentic camp experience while developing your skills, building lasting relationships and experiencing the Rocky Mountains in its most pristine conditions. We will be exploring the peaks of Moraine Lake, viewing the stunning larches, visit the world class Lake Louise and experience Waterton National Park and more. Finally, we are excited about the learning from others, capturing moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking to build new relationships with other creatives, develop your skills and experience beautiful landscapes then Socality Camp is for you!

Note: Registration closes August 31st.