With Houston, For Houston

We caught up with our friends Steven Wallace, a Socality Community member from the Houston area, also founder of a local Houston lifestyle brand Kintigo. And with our friend Clark Miller, a Socality Community Member, who captured images of the relief effort in Houston and surrounding areas. We wanted to share stories of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that hit South Texas in August 2017.

Words by: Steven Wallace & Photos by: Clark Miller

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes the costliest natural disaster in US history to bring US together (in a way that transcends race, economics, politics, religion). We are people, all the same and yet entirely different. But when something to this magnitude (outside of our control) occurs, it brings US closer than ever on a human level. Without hesitation, we rescue, feed, heal, clothing, shelter, hug and pray for those in need. Sunday morning, as I woke up to the devastation in our city and inability to leave the house to help, I thought I'd do my part in some small way: create a simple design to emphasize the only way we'd get through this, by focusing on the US in hoUSton. When I made it for my brand, Kintigo, I had no idea the profound impact it would have on individuals here and afar (see graphic below). I think Houston just needs to know that others are with US and for US during this incredibly hard time. That's what it's all about, and that's what we've felt. May this kind of love last and change us all.