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Socality Camp has partnered with Treeline Outdoors for our upcoming camp. Celebrating Canada’s 150th and hosting the Camp in Alberta, we are excited to partner with this crew of local mavericks and outdoor adventurists. Perfect for sleeping under the stars and adventuring on the go, Treeline Outdoors will be bringing their innovative Roof-Top Tents to Camp. Explore their tents and relax, create and collaborate in a campout-themed chill zone among the trees.

Treeline’s Roof-Top Tents make it easy to set-up camp anywhere your travels take you. Grab your crew, get on the road and get to exploring the natural world around us.

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With three different sizes, Treeline’s Roof-Top Tents can fit on the roof of anything from a Subaru to an SUV to a pick-up. Roof-Top Tents feature a rugged, lightweight aluminum honeycomb base, making their design the strongest and most durable tent base on the market. All the tents come standard with Treeline's signature oversized patent-pending awning windows that can be rolled up for unrestricted views, patented utility/storage bags, utility net on the underside for additional storage, hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly, and heavy duty rubber latches for storing heavier gear like rods and paddles, keeping them safe and out of the way. The tents set-up and take down in minutes. Large hinges allow storage of bedding inside the tent while collapsed freeling up space in your vehicle. Each Roof-Top Tent also comes with a built-in, waterproof-covered, high density 2 1/2" foam mattress made for max sleeping comfort that can stay inside the tent during travel. 

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Where did Treeline begin?

Treeline Outdoors all began with a bear...

While camping in the wilds of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the founders of Treeline Outdoors met a large Grizzly Bear along the way. He came wandering through their campsite one night, trapping them in their ground tents. The night seemed never-ending, but finally they frightened the bear away. The campers knew there had to be a better way to camp: enter the Treeline Roof-Top Tent. This was the night that Treeline Outdoors was born.

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of outdoorsmen and adventurers in Turner Valley, Alberta. You can find them combing the back-roads of the Canadian Pacific Northwest in search of adventure and natural beauty, perfecting the art of camping as they go. Treeline began with the introduction of the Roof-Top Tent and has grown to include a line of Premium Bush Tools, and gear solutions for anyone from the weekend warrior to the modern outdoor adventurer. 

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