Socality X The Traveling Good Meet Ups

by Scott Bakken

As we continue to share about Purposeful Community we want to share the myriad ways in which intentionality and inclusiveness can be practiced in everyday life. So we’re thrilled to be partnering with The Traveling Good over the coming months! Founder BC Serna and his team of dreamers and doers have led an initiative ignited by passion to share the best of what’s happening in our world today, which is something we need perhaps now more than ever before. The Traveling Good raised $25K through a Kickstarter campaign to travel throughout the USA over the course of 10 weeks this spring in order to meet people from every corner of the country and share their stories. The Traveling Good will be hitting the highways and byways between next week and mid-May and creating a documentary about all the fantastic things happening in communities around America. They’ll host meet-ups inviting people to come together and connect around a shared purpose: positivity.

 BC Serna  @bcserna  Founder of The Traveling Good.

BC Serna @bcserna Founder of The Traveling Good.


There are near countless gifted creatives around the globe and The Traveling Good, much like us, is striving to foster meaningful connections between individuals, communities, and organizations and spread the passion, talents, and skill sets to make both social media and real life a better place. Their mission this road trip, as they stop in 10 cities over 10 weeks and cover 10,000 miles, is to highlight the good within those cities and encourage people to give back to their local communities. Because change comes from within. We’re so psyched to be a part of this journey as we partner with BC and the team on their meet-ups nationwide! 


Meet-ups are casual gatherings where everyone and anyone is invited to come connect with like-minded individuals and make new connections and friendships centered around a shared love of creation and collaboration. We’re encouraging story-tellers, creatives and creators, not-for-profits, influencers, and anyone interested to come together for the purpose of building relationships and working together for the common good around them. 

BC and The Traveling Good team will be hosting the events, and we want to rally the incredible Socality community to join this movement.


MEET - Come say hi and introduce yourself!

BRING - Friends and others looking to get connected.

SHARE - Your story with the team and your time with everyone attending. You might be featured in their documentary! 

Register for your local meet up today! It’s free! More details will be emailed out in the coming weeks. Check out the interview with BC Serna’s below and hear more about The Traveling Good.

Sign up for the meet ups here!