A Movement is Born: A Year in Review

What an incredible year 2014 has turned out to be. This was the launch year of Socality and to be honest, it has been a wild adventure! I can still remember January 19th when we launched Socality on Instagram and being blown away by people all over the world posting out, 'I am @ Socality'. The meaning and expression behind this was that YOU are the movement wherever you live and that your hands and feet can actively make a difference in the community around you.

Although I have spent most of year answering the question, "What is Socality' , I truly believe its full meaning can't be put into words because it is the creative expression of individuals, joined by faith in a community of belonging and connecting globally. How can one even possibly define this? This movement is something that transcends words and goes straight into the hearts of people, and as we look to each other we see past the images and into the very creative existence of God. He truly is connecting us all for purpose. 

You cannot write the word community without including unity. Socality is not about one person, a specific people group or age demographic. There are no stars, no lone rangers or big players. There are only real people, serving a real God making a real difference!

2014 Moments To Celebrate

  • Over 460, 215 posts under #socality on Instagram ( and counting)
  • 65K followers on the Socality IG account ( and growing)
  • Over 75 countries represented on the database
  • 2 Live events gathering hundreds of people in Calgary and Portland from all over the world
  • The launch of Socality Community Projects
  • The launch of Socality Wood Prints
  • Parnterships and opportunities formed with Sackcloth and Ashes, Perspectives Apparel, Dapper and Wise, The Giving Keys, Black Anchor, WeDay and more to come!

This emerging movement and incredible response has been, I believe a response to a timely message. That you truly belong before you believe and using social media to convey this truth. In addition, Socality is about taking the message of Christ, a true message of love and sacrifice and putting it into action. This is why we have launched Socality Community Projects. Love is not love until it is put into motion and we are excited to create a space where communities can be formed with purpose and the intention to 'surprise their own communities with goodness'. Faith into action is alive and well!

As we approach 2015, we are doing so with an even clearer and defined mission and strategy to continue to build local communities and connect these globally and bring a plan of impact when it comes to sharing and living out the gospel of Christ. We know that Christ has said GO into the all the world (Mark 16:15) and we plan to do that with love (never judgement) and kindness using every platform possible. Socality was born on a social platform but we are excited to expand this year into new territories and see others truly connect for purpose. 

I wanted to also take a moment and THANK YOU for your amazing love and support you have shown me and my family. My wife, Jessica and daughter Sydney Rose have been incredible as we have gone on this wild journey together and are looking forward to the future. If this has been a hard or difficult year for you, we are believing that next year will be an amazing year for you. I truly believe that extraordinary opportunities come out of who we are connected to, so this year align yourself with people of purpose who believe the best for your future. Therefore let us encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thess 5:11). Let's celebrate each others successes and remember that our futures our in the hands of God!

Also a BIG thank you to the incredible team of Socality. This year has been built upon people who have given above and beyond and expected nothing in return. The commitment of every volunteer who has provided their gifts and talents has made Socality soar. Socality is a team and what we can do together will always be greater than what we will ever achieve on our own. 

Finally, thank you to YOU!! You are the movement and our success and impact is heavily weighed upon your willingness to go be the change we need in the world. We all have a platform of influence, whether it be on social media or in our community. You only have to have an audience of one to make a difference and you can inspire and help someone right where you are at! 

So with that, we want to to wish you a very happy and amazing 2015! May you discover lands unknown, take wild adventures that reveal your potential and continue to impact and build the community in which you live. Never underestimate the power of the word 'YES". 

The movement is here. The movement is love. This is Socality!

Scott and the Socality team!