By: Staci Landis


This word stirs up a great deal of thought and emotion in me. Not because I fear change, but because I struggle with change that I did not initiate.

Change is a wonderful thing when we are taking a step out in faith. Change is invigorating when we know something needs to be different and so we do something necessary and sometimes even risky. Even if it feels uncertain or scary, change done for the better of our lives is usually welcomed and appreciated.

But what about change that we didn't expect? What about change that turns our whole world upside down? What about change that challenges who we have always known ourselves to be?

For me, the process of getting older is a change I knew would come, but didn't expect to struggle with. Not only are the external symptoms of aging difficult to process (oh, wrinkles...go away! And if I find another gray hair...??!!), but they can stir up emotions and uncertainties that we weren't ready for. I struggle with the process of losing relevance, navigating through finding a new audience, parenting older children, and struggling to find the places I need to be investing my influence and time for the glory of God. 

While I have a long way to go and have a long list of inner struggles to work through, I know that all of my questions and changes in life are not a surprise to God. My wonderings and my concerns are the very things that can push me to lean into my creator like I never have before. 

Change, both planned and unexpected, should continually remind us to trust in God and not in ourselves. Lean in. Trust him.