Who can even begin to explain the true nature of forgiveness?

You have a memory of what was once done to you and you acknowledge that you did experience something hurtful and difficult, but you do not remember the pain itself. You may even try to dig deep and re-hash some sort of recollection of pain, but the emotion of pain has been removed. This is when you know true forgiveness has taken place.

It cannot be explained, nor can it be fully understood. Yet there is peace.

This is how we keep going. This is how our faith is strengthened. This is how we know that God IS good. This is how we know God IS love. That even in the midst of the unthinkable or the deepest hurt, God can turn all of our ashes and brokenness into beauty.

Because He knows that an abandoned, broken, empty, hurting person who experiences forgiveness like that will experience a tiny glimpse into what Jesus did for all humanity on the cross. By taking our sin, our mistakes, our wrongs; and forgiving US.

When a mere human forgives another and it doesn't make sense for them to do so, nor would anyone ever expect them to do so--because we would all understand if they never forgave THAT kind of offense or hurt; it gives all the glory to Jesus, the one who forgives US so that we can truly forgive.

That is true freedom in Christ.