Instagram: Fake or Real

by: Scott Bakken

Instagram; The world's second largest social network and one of the most used apps to post your favourite pics of your food, fashion, selfies, mountains and whatever fits your fancy. This app is home to over 300 million users and is a space our world is living on on a daily basis. You can engage with others around the world by following, commenting and liking photos of your favourite accounts. 

As the app has grown, many have seen the potential brand power, building business and blogging successes off the numbers reflected in their own followers and likes. However, in the authenticity of this all, some have given into the pressure to impress by buying fake likes and followers. This has all led to a bit of a false economy and world that is not truly reflecting what is real. In some ways, an app that is designed to build authentic community has been invaded by the insecurities of others. Until today!

The Instagram Purge, the day of reckoning or the big reveal. Whatever you want to call it, the social app deleted millions of accounts that were fake or spam and this was reflected in the follower counts of all accounts across Instagram. Instagram's purpose was in solely holding up their community guidelines as well as protecting the authenticity of the platform. The accounts deleted were only those that violated their terms and condition and mostly being 'ghost' accounts meaning inactive. This has caused mixed reactions from users across the globe.

Instagram is an app designed for community and this is often reflected in their hashtag #communityfirst. Socality itself has discovered the power of building authentic community online and then bringing people together for a face to face encounter. The most refreshing thing is to discover the online personality you think you know is actually a true reflection of who the person is in real life. 

Jeffrey Gerson, Instagram's Community Manager of North America states, "The community never ceases to astound me. Through it I have found inspiration, encouragement, and most importantly, friendship."

In this day and age of social media where you can pretend or hide who you really are, there is freedom is demonstrating ones authentic self, followers and likes included. May we never measure our success or influence based on numbers but rather the impact we can make in the life of one person.

In light of todays #Instapurge we thought we would showcase the documentary made by Socality core team member, Paul Tellefsen, Instagram Is. This documentary reveals the heart and nature of the app and how one can find true community by being real and connecting what is real.