Making Changes That Change You

By: Scott Bakken

A new year is always exciting to enter as we do so with fresh vision, ambitious goals and the intention that this year we are going to achieve what we have always desired. It may be your latest health goal and you are finally going to get fit! Maybe its financial and you will pay down debt and set yourself up for future securities. Whatever it may be, we have all resolutions or goals.

As the year goes on we see ourselves slip into the same patterns and cycles that got us to where we are in the first place. Our intentions don’t seem to be stronger than our goals and that is because they are not. Intentions are grand ideas and dreams but success is spelled w.o.r.k and this is required to see results you are after.

The community project for January is Change #socalitycommunityproject. Change doesn’t happen over night and is something that requires committment, focus, energy and purpose. In order to see real change, you have to change the way you you see the issue and how you deal with it. Whether it is something in you or around you that needs to be changed, be encouraged to choose one thing that you can place your attention around and turn around for the better.

The recipe for success for any long-term achievement requires many key ingredients. Here are a few things you will need to finally move forward in 2015.



1.     A plan- we have all heard if fail to plan you plan to fail. You must learn to schedule your weeks and make time for the things that are important to you. If you don’t, your schedule will quickly fill up and be replaced with distractions keeping you from moving forward. Schedule your week, place inside your calendar time for your goals and don’t book anything during these times.

2.     Routine- they say it takes 28 days to build a habit. Habits are formed from routines and routines are what keep us on track. If saving money is your goal and you need to refrain from shopping,  going to the mall is probably something that needs to be changed from your routine.  Whatever the goal is, place around a routine that works with your life and make it something you can stick to!

3.     Reasonable goals- don’t be afraid to start small. Remember great things are achieved over time and as you develop good habits and choices you will soon find that it gets easier to continue to grow and develop in your goals. Start small and avoid setting yourself up for disappointment. Every little victory will add up in the end.

4.     Be patient- we all want results now but you didn’t get in a situation over night. It took time to get where you are and it will take time to get to where you need to be. Be committed for the long haul.

5.     Have accountability- work together with others to achieve your goals. It always helps when someone else is with you on the journey. Find others that can help inspire you and also understand the frustrations along the way. We all need support!

6.     Do it for you- often we make changes to impress others and that train runs out of steam real quick. Make the changes for your own benefit to help get you to where you can be so you can be a greater inspiration to others. Don’t respond to the expectations of society but set reasonable goals because you want to.

7.     Grace for yourself- Stay on track but when you falter or fail, don’t be discouraged. Just get up again and do it quickly. We are only human and it is easy to go back our natural defaults.  Give yourself grace to grow and never give up.

Check out #socalitychangeproject and commit to something that brings change in or around you for the greater good!