As we move through life, I believe we start to recognize just how impactful our choices and decisions can truly be. It can be a bit sobering on one side, but it’s also incredibly exciting. This week, we began a new year. 2015. A time where we often find ourselves reflecting on what we want to do better, how we want life to be, and quite often, the stuff we want to accomplish. It’s easy to throw away the significance of this time because so many of us fail to fully commit or stick with the things said and planned over New Years. But I believe intentionality is valuable. Committing to something is valuable. And even in those cases where we fail to achieve what we set out to do, that failure is valuable. Those lessons can provide us with insights about ourselves and others. 

2014 taught me a lot of lessons, but in this past year what stood out most was how much change can come from one thing. Your entire world can change in one year. I learned that one new friendship or connection can open up immense possibilities. It taught me  that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we try to make it out to be. That a life motivated by love will take you to unexpected places, and that empathy will transform your relationships. I learned that our world is craving authenticity. Something real, both in the expression and walking out of our faith, and in the relationships and interactions we seek. This year I’m challenged to notice the “ones”, to pay attention to the decisions and people that could change everything. Not just those “ones” though. The “ones” on the margin. The “ones” we’re around every day. I’m challenged to not just seek opportunity, but to see my life leave something behind in this year. 

Never underestimate the power of one life. One year. One person. One word. One dream. One hope. One step forward into the unknown. One love. One chance. One moment. Everything can change with one. What's your one this year? What's the one dream you've been hanging onto? What's the one person or relationship that could change everything? What's the one step you need to take? What's that one moment that you'll remember for a lifetime? What is it this year?

What could 2015 look like? What can it be? I believe 2015 is a year of dreams. It's a year of stepping out and getting your toes wet. Taking all the stuff that's been inside and letting it out. Letting others see your dreams in all of their incompleteness and imperfection, and taking them along for the ride. May we look back fondly on this year as one that was marked by those who chose to stand above the rest. To live outside of themselves. To make lives that reflected a belief that we were created for nothing short of an extraordinary life marked by extraordinary love.