I create because I was made by the Creator

by: Scott Bakken

Sierra Pruitt is a young creative from Portland and is using her artistry to inspires others. Sierra is part of the design team that is creating structures and the experiential foyer for Socality PDX. We chatted with Sierra to learn more about her and what brings her daily inspiration. 

Q. Where do you live and explain a bit about life there?

A. I live in Portland Oregon.

On the daily I see hipsters, coffee, and nature. Guys, the pictures you see on Instagram are real… that is the majority of what I see. Portland is a place where there is a thriving arts community and where people find love in the old things more than the new. Thrift shops? Yeah. It’s a big deal.

I love Portland.

I love the way people interact with each other with smiles. I love that there is something new I discover everyday. The food, yeah, well, it’s too good. Most importantly I love the people, so much, and I cannot stress that enough. There is so much passion for things here.

Q. What is your favourite discovery about the place you live that you want to share?

A. Division Street. It’s way underrated and super cool y’all.

I create because I was made by the Creator
— Sierra Pruitt

Q. What does the word 'community' mean to you?

A. Community is a group of people who constantly sacrifice and love each other as much as Jesus does for us.

Q. What inspires you to create?

A. I create because I was made by the Creator and I am here to fulfill what He has given me. I feel that my role is to create something beautiful that reflects the light of Jesus. To tell a story through my art. The people that surround me and around the world constantly inspire me. In the time I have been pursuing photography different styles catch my eye at different times. I love that. I love that my style can still be reflected, but in various ways. Everyone can inspire everyone and that’s so beautiful because we are all sharing love through art. Just by being inspired and inspiring others. Isn’t that cool?

Q. How do you approach social media?

A. I approach social media in a way that is inviting, artistically challenging, and to showcase a resume of my work. There is one thing I do not want to leave out of social media, and that is God. We can easily be caught up in selling ourselves and leaving Jesus out of the picture. When our social media lives should not be apart from God.

Q.   3 must haves every girl must have in their possession.       

  • Bible
  • That they possess love and worthiness from Jesus.
  • Possess a practice of being content in where you are. That goes to anyone.

Q. Can you give us one tip that we can apply to the developing artist inside of us!

A. To not compare ourselves to others. I compare myself all the time and it is emotionally draining. Just because someone’s work is amazing doesn’t mean yours is not. They are good at their craft. You are good at yours. Not that you stop at where you are, but grow creatively and take risks even if you fail.  

connect with Sierra on Instagram @sierrapruitt