Socality WWIM 11

748 million people don't have access to clean water. Let that sink in. 748 ... MILLION! That's a stunning number. What would happen if we united to solve this crisis? Together with charity: water, we are partnering as a community to do our part to spread the word and do something about it! charity: water has an answer to this crisis!

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

We are beyond excited to announce that Socality Leaders around the world are hosting local meetups and community nights the weekend of World Wide Instameet, March 21-22 in partnership with our March #SocalityWaterProject. These meets happen over World Water Day and are in support of our charity: water campaign!

If there isn't a meet close to you we encourage you to make a roadtrip with friends or host one yourself through our #SocalityWaterProject. Click Here to learn more about our March Community Project.

Check out all details of the local meets below. We ask that you register for the community nights and meetups so that each local community can adequately prepare for you!



Johannesburg, South Africa

London, England

Vancouver, BC

Calgary, Alberta


Dallas, Texas

Herber Springs, Arkansas

Jacksonville, Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Portland, Oregon

Richmond, Virginia

Redding, CA

Sacramento, California

San Diego, California

Seattle, Washington

Alexandria, Louisiana

Toledo, Ohio

Whitefish, Montana

Washington, D.C

Let's do this! Let's spread the word and bring change to water around the world as a collective of local communities. Together we can do this!

Paul and the Socality Team