Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Socality! You may have landed here or discovered us from the Instagram account @socalitybarbie. While this account bears the name Socality, we have not given consent for our name to be used, and it is in no way affiliated with Socality Inc.

Socality exists to connect, develop, and mobilize communities of cultural contributors around the globe. We do this through creative gatherings, educational resources, and cause-based initiatives.

Since our launch in 2014 #Socality has now been used over 3 million times, and the purpose has always been to help others find each other and establish sincere and meaningful relationships while showcasing the creativity of our community. Our hope is to see people who had been isolated or disconnected in various ways find new means of connection and purpose.

Over the years we have supported and worked with incredible organizations to raise support and awareness around the needs of others locally and globally. We have used our social platforms to help build water wells in developing nations and rescue woman and children from sex slave trafficking.

We believe our creativity and our connections can help make a difference in the lives of others and that social media is the perfect way to do that.

Recently, we launched Socality Camp, a 5-day gathering to bring together artists for a time to learn, grow and connect together. You can learn more about camp here and stay updated on future camps.

This year, we launched the first of our online courses designed to develop others in their skills and bring people together to share their work. It is our intention that these courses will help resource our communities and provide grants and scholarships to artists wanting to create work that brings social change.

For those seeking to share our story or who are interested in learning more about our mission and origins behind Socality, please feel free to contact us at socality@socality.org. We are happy to share with you what we are doing to extend hope to humanity via all our platforms.

Thank you,
Scott Bakken
Founder and Creative Director, Socality