We love good food around Socality if you haven't noticed and we love connection and doing things for purpose. This Fall, in conjunction with World Food Day and HungerFree we want to help end world hunger together.

HungerFree is a new initiative by World Vision to unlock the full potential of young people to break the cycle of poverty and free communities around the world from hunger once and for all. We are piloting this initiative in Kenya and South Sudan – where more than half of the population is under the age of 25 and are disproportionately affected by hunger, extreme poverty and unemployment.
By simply ‘doubling-up’ the cost of your meal, you will help grow our work with young people in Kenya and South Sudan, as well as support World Vision’s other food assistance around the world.

There's many ways to get involved in big and small ways through Double Up Dinners. Host a gathering at a local restaurant or in your home and take the amount of your bill, double it and as a group donate that to HungerFree.

If your interested in hosting a dinner public or private please let us know! This is our chance to connect and deepen community around something we all love.