Socality has 12-15 Community Events planned throughout 2017 and we are looking for great sponsors to partner with us!! These events are designed to bring people's social experience to life by creating spaces and experiences for people to have face-to-face encounters. Led by our Socality Community Leaders, these events are fully operated on a volunteer basis! To ensure that we can keep these events free and accessible for members of the local community, we look to sponsors to help with minor costs! That's where you come in. We want your business or org to partner with us to help bring these experiences to life!

Community Event Categories: Excursion, Community Dinner or Creative Showcase


  • Social media exposure on @socality tags and mentions
  • Blogs with logos and links on
  • Blogs promoted via Socality Social Platforms
  • Mentions and features on IG stories
  • Mentions and tags from Hosts and Co-hosts comprised of social influencers
  • Establish relationship with other partners and networks
  • Help build and develop local and global community


  • Monetary Sponsorship
  • In Kind (giveaways, rentals, catering, equipment, spaces)

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We are currently in the process of bringing these events together and when you email we will send you back a list of cities and events for sponsorship.

Examples of past Community Events

A few Sponsors we've worked with

  • The Giving Keys
  • Kammok
  • Sackcloth and Ashes
  • Perspective Global
  • Moniker Warehouse
  • Bradley Mountain
  • Lone Flag
  • Austin Center for Design
  • Dapper & Wise Coffee
  • Handsome
  • Steel City Pops