Socality is assembled of a global leadership team of everyday people. 

Creative Leads

Curators of the vision who keep the wheels in motion.


Influencers, creatives and leaders who are already impacting in their spheres of life. They are here to upload their years of experience and knowledge into us through our website and live events.

Community Leads

take an active role within social media platforms to maintain the culture of Socality. They develop and build the community while actively engaging with others.

Scott Bakken


Paul Tellefsen


Brenton Little


Luke Asper



Dirk Dallas


Tim Landis


Laura Stephens


Justin Halbert


Christian Cannon


Meshali Mitchell


Seth Flood


Staci Landis


Joe Greer


Jody Johnston


Carter Moore


T.J. Mousetis


Andi Andrew


Riva Ramos


Djae Outlaw


Noah Sampsel


Andrew Arceri


Samuel Laws


Ezra Cohen


Xenia Edith


Stephen Alkire


Jared Etheridge


Vince Russell



Caulin Grant


Samuel Easterling


Nicholas St. Germain


Nikki Vermeer


Stephanie Crown


Jonathan Sweet