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As our world continues to grow more and more “connected”, there’s become an ever-increasing need for deeper connections in the places we call home. Our hope through an emphasis on local creative communities is to see creatives from a variety of backgrounds find safe places from which they can grow, develop their skills, and engage in new and exciting opportunities. We’ve begun to establish “official” communities in a number of cities across Canada and the United States (Calgary, Vancouver, San Diego, New York City, and Toronto), and will continue to add and build out more in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Whether you’re in a city that has events coming up or not, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Use a local hashtag for your city (#SocalityYOURCITY - ie. #SocalitySeattle, #SocalityDallas, #SocalityPortland) and make an effort to connect and forge relationships with the creative community in your area.

Along with local events in existing communities, we host “Socality Camp” approximately once a year which brings creatives from all over the world together for a few days in a format that blends unforgettable experiences, relationship building, learning, and more. Click the link below to head over to the Camp website to sign up to be the first to be notified for Camp 2020 information.