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This is my Edmonton Community




Edmonton is an emerging city in Alberta and home to incredible art galleries, outdoor festivals, markets, and incredible people. We’re looking forward to seeing the local creative community connect and continue to grow in this capital city as we see a number of events roll out as a part of our Socality x Canon Creator Lab events.


upcoming Events

Get Involved

Here are 3 ways to get involved in the Edmonton Community.

1. Connect with Edmonton Community

Use #SocalityEdmonton when you share on social media to connect with other locals. After the first local event takes place we’ll also be launching an Edmonton Facebook Group, and we’ll link to that here once it launches.

2. Connect Globally

Start using #Socality. This hashtag will help you discover and connect with people who are a part of the global creative community. You don’t have to use the hashtag in your own posts, but it will certainly help you discover new people.

3. Attend an Event

Attend a community event or workshop hosted in Edmonton. Check back here or join the email list for updates about upcoming local events. On an annual basis we also host Socality Camp designed to bring creatives together from around the world to learn, develop new relationships, and share some unforgettable experiences together. 

Purposeful Community


Socality is a creative community that exists to inspire people from all walks of life to create things that make a difference. Socality began with the simple goal of connecting creatives online and in person using social media and live events.