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Socality Summer Flings

Summer is here and it’s time to get together with friends for BBQ’s, beach picnics and enjoy the great outdoors. We have so many people across our Facebook groups wanting to connect and come together. We want to encourage YOU to initiate casual gatherings around you through Socality Summer Flings during the last 3 weekends of August 2017.

Upcoming Flings

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Socality New York

August 26 - New York City

Socality Texas:

August 19 - South Texas

August 20 - Fort Worth

August 26- Dallas

Socality Alberta:

August 26 - Banff

Socality B.C.

August 12 - Lynn Canyon

Socality Ontario

August 19- Toronto

Socality California:

August 13 - Santa Cruz

August 19- Costa Mesa

August 27- Santa Monica

August 27- San Diego

Socality Victoria:

August 26- Melbourne

Wanna host your own? Having a Summer Fling is easy.

1. Someone take the lead and choose a Sat/Sun during the last 3 weeks of August. (August 12-13, 19-20, 26-27)

2. Pick a location, time and activity. (Make it free and easy)

3. Make it a group effort. Let everyone bring something to the table. Think picnics, pot lucks etc. Be sure to use your local Facebook Group to get everyone involved. 

4. Invite friends and share in your local Socality Facebook group and on social using #socalitysummerflings

5. Let us know about your fling

6. Hang out and have fun

7. Share the story with us #socalitysummerflings

Community should be initiated and cultivated and these are super simple ways to get together. 

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Read the blog 5 ways to build community around you

2. Keep activities simple, easy and fun (meet at a beach, throw a BBQ)

3. Give enough time to plan and announce

4. Use a poll on the Facebook Group to get a consensus of what everyone likes to do!

5. If multiple people want to plan one on different days, go for it! More opportunities for everyone to connect!

We can't wait to see you at a Fling this summer!