We all have our origins when it comes to our story. How we live, what we create, and what we offer this world all stem from a deeper place. We took creators to the land where history has been shaped so we could dream together. Whatever season you are at in life, I hope this film inspires you to create and causes you to dream. It will take work, sacrifice, and commitment but we can all bring something of value that can come from the dust of our lives.
— Scott Bakken, Producer



"When seeing Israel for the first time instantly you feel moved by the landscape. Beautiful vast horizons with so much history that you can deeply feel. Through this film we want to touch on that specific feeling by seeing it through the eyes of creatives and hear how it inspires them to keep making art. We realized quickly that this would be a trip none of us could ever forget.”



“We are each gathering something the other needs and together it tells a greater story.”

- Morgan Harper nichols

“To be a participant in culture, making those deep relationships , is another dimension of inter-cultural relationship.”



“Find your own voice. We all have something different to offer the world”

- Brook Mosser


“Take a step back and allow yourself to be present.”

- Sam Kolder

“WHEN We take time to reflect back, it’s about your spirit on the inside and not what is going on on the outside.”

- Christian Watson

“We are not meant to do life alone”

- Scott Bakken