KK intl. | Launch of The World's Greatest Beanie

Socality is honored to partner and share the story of Krochet Kids intl. Recently, our team was able to travel to Peru with the team from KK intl. to capture and share the story of this incredible organization. As a company, they operate with ethics that bring value to every individual, whether it be the consumer of the manufacturer. Their efforts to bring sustainability to developing nations is something to be admired.

We are pleased to partner with their latest project, help create their newest video and share the story of the "World's Greatest Beanie" which is a product made with the highest quality fabric, ethically produced and traces back to every hand that has been involved in creating it. We encourage you to read, watch, learn and if so willing, share the story and Kickstarter of this incredible organization.

Read more about KK intl. with an interview from CEO & Co-founder Kohl Crecelius below.

1. What is the heart and story behind Krochet Kids intl.?

The organization was founded by three of us friends who had a passion for serving and caring for those living in extreme poverty around the globe. Our love of travel introduced us to many of the people who lived as one of the statistics that we would read about in text books or see on the news, however, we learned very quickly that these people were so much more.

They were humans, full of life and dreams and hopes for their future.  When we asked what we could do to help them, they didn’t ask for food or money, they asked for jobs. They wanted to work and provide for themselves and their own families. They wanted to break the cycle of poverty and dependency that had (in some ways) been created by other organizations.

So, we started leveraging a few connections we had with organizations who worked on the ground in Uganda, and we taught a small group of women how to crochet headwear, because it was a skill we had.

2. Why Peru?

After working in Uganda for 3 years, we realized there was an opportunity to expand our product offering, as well as the impact we were generating. We honed in on South America due to its rich history of textiles and apparel and again, worked to network with some local organizations on the ground.  We centered on a community in Peru that was on the outskirts of Lima — the capital city. The area was in need of community development and empowerment, so we set up our second empowerment project there in 2010.

3. How is KK intl. making an impact in Peru and it's people?

Our mission as an organization is to empower people to rise above poverty. We do this through a specific and measured theory of change that incorporates jobs, education, and mentorship for every woman who participates in our programs. We track their progress over 45 different key indicators so we can see the clearest picture of their development over time.

Our ultimate goal is to equip the women in our programs to be change agents in their community. Our work is designed to graduate women out of our system and into locally sustainable careers and businesses. In this way, they are able to truly pursue their dreams and the things they’re passionate about.

4. What would you like to see over the next 5 years - especially as far as raised consumer awareness goes? 

I would love to see consumers making conscious purchasing decisions based on where their products are made and the working conditions of those people who created them. We’re in interesting times at the moment, where many of us care about (or try to be aware of) where our food comes from. We buy cage-free chickens, but we turn a blind eye to understanding how our clothing is made.

This is needs to change, and we’re hoping projects like the “World’s Greatest Beanie” raise the level of awareness for why this matters.

5. How is KK intl. raising the bar when it comes to providing an alternative to fast fashion? And will you share a little more about the #knowwhomadeit hashtag and it's importance.

Since we started in 2007, we have made a conscious effort to highlight the person behind every product that we make. As a result, each piece we have ever made has been hand-signed by the woman who made it. We invite our customers to learn more about the woman who made their product by viewing her specific profile on our website — HERE.

As we say, we believe products have value because people do. We urge our supporters to share the hashtag #knowwhomadeit and to engage in an important conversation about how we value the products that we purchase.

6. Why do you support efforts like Socality?

I love to see people who trying to think outside the box and bring community together in meaningful ways. As much as social media is aimed at connecting us, the reality is that it continues to isolate and alienate us through comparison. I love that Socality is trying to infuse purpose and meaning in these tools that are becoming known to self-promotion and narcism. It’s not easy, and you don’t have all the answers, but that doesn’t stop Socality from continuing to try, and that’s what I enjoy seeing.

7. How would you like to encourage our community?

A couple things…
1) Be mindful of your purchases and realize you are voting with your dollar when you choose to support brands by purchasing their products. Buy things you need and that you feel good about.

2) Authenticity is becoming a bit of a buzzword these days, however, it’s all we have at the end of the day and it’s what our legacy will be. Share your story, the good with the bad. Welcome people into your life and don’t worry about generating a facade that people will like. Believe me, I struggle with this same thing and it’s something I’m working to improve.  Keep at it.

CEO & Co-founder Kohl Crecelius

CEO & Co-founder Kohl Crecelius


For more information about Krochet Kids intl. or the World's Greatest Beanie visit their website.