The Power of One

by: Scott Bakken

On January 19, 2015 we launched a campaign in support of charity:water to celebrate the one year anniversary of Socality. The goal was that this community that has formed could give back to a community in need. Water is a basic need of life and there are currently 748 million people living without access to it. For most, we have an overflow of water on a daily basis, but to many, a mere drop would be the answer to a prayer. We know that we can't solve the world's problem, but we can't stand by and not do anything. The craziest thing we can do is nothing. 

The Craziest Thing We Can Do Is Nothing

Over the past three months, the Socality community decided to throw their hearts into this campaign. We planned 20 Instameets in conjunction with Instagram's World Wide Instameet (#wwim) and we used these as opportunities to share and communicate the vision. Perspective Apparel designed a limited edition Socality tee that would help give to the campaign and bring awareness. Community leaders from across the globe stepped up and planned incredible gatherings and many used their social influence to post and share about the campaign. 

Photo by  @michael_gilliam

On Sunday, March 29, only 24 hours before the campaign would close, we were still nearly $5000 away from our goal. This is when all hands were in deck. Our community rallied hard to raise these last minute donations and within hours the goal was nearly reached. 1 person to donate $1 could make 1 big change. It wasn't about the amount but rather the participation of every individual. This is what Socality is truly about; what we can do together will always be greater than what we can do on our own. 

Attendees gather in support of charity: water at the Socality WWIM in Florida. 

Attendees gather in support of charity: water at the Socality WWIM in Florida. 

Over 20 instameets held, 24 individual campaigns, over 500 unique donations and over 1000 in attendance at our Instameets have allowed 400 people to have access to clean water!! To say this has excited us would be an understatement. 

Our team is incredibly thankful and blown away by the generosity and commitment others have made towards this movement, community and campaign. 

Thank you for helping us reach the goal. Together we raised $12,000.00. This is the result of everyone playing their part. May we continue to participate and offer what we can in every area make a difference. Never underestimate what you can bring to the table!! 

So, here is to more great things to come from Socality and as long as we are willing and able, may we all continue to BE THE CHANGE the world needs!

All for eternity

Scott and the Socality team.

scott bakken