I'm an Open Road | Socality X Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt is the most awarded male Canadian country artist in history. His 1996 debut RIAA certified Gold album “Calm Before the Storm” went on to sell one million albums internationally, propelled by the #1 single and wedding standard “I Do”. Stateside, his #5 and #1 charting songs “My Heart Has A History”, and “I Do” were the first to chart by a male Canadian Country artist since Hank Snow in 1974. The song “For You” (written by Brandt & Rosen) was selected to promote the major motion picture “We Were Soldiers”, and was performed by Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews.  His 11 career albums have spawned hit singles, multiple Album of the Year awards, gold, platinum, and multi-platinum performances. As a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award, and numerous other national and regional humanitarian nods, Paul is committed to practically meeting the needs of the poorest of the world’s poor through his Build It Forward Foundation.

Following up his two recent hit singles “Forever Summer” and “Get A Bed”, his new song “I'm An Open Road” feat. Jess Moskaluke is currently climbing the charts. 

Paul lives with his wife Liz and their two children on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. 

You can watch the new music video I'm an Open Road directed by @Samciurdar and produced by @socality here.

Talk about the inspiration behind open road. What does the song mean to you?

"I’m very excited about the single “I’m An Open Road”.  To me, it’s all about the hero in the song wanting to rescue someone who is struggling with allowing herself to be rescued.  There’s a tension in this song that I think a lot of people feel.  We all want to be independent, do things on our own, and not involve others, have our privacy, and at the same time, we realize we need to be in community with others to survive.  I wrote this song with multiple Juno award winning artist [SEBELL] (@sebellmusic).  I loved the track when it was recorded, but the lyrics went through about three different versions before we finally settled on what you hear now, and I love it, but this song really made us work for it.  It has a fresh, new sound to it for me, while loosely following the roadmap of songs like “Leavin’”(on which Keith Urban appears courtesy Capitol Records), and “Didn’t Even See The Dust”.  It was a thrill working with the talented reigning CCMA© Female Artist of the Year, Jess Moskaluke (@jessmoskaluke) on this song as well.  I think that she’s the most talented female vocalist Canada’s seen in a long time, and I’m so thankful she agreed to be a part of this song; she really takes it to a higher level.”

What about the Socality community inspires you?  

Socality is all about using your influence for eternity.  It’s about using online community to create “real” community.  Socality immediately struck a chord with me when I was introduced to the community, because what they are doing is so similar to how I like to use my music and artistic platform.  It’s about stirring the eternity that is written on all of our hearts.

You attended the event in Portland. What was your take away?  

I still remember what the energy in that room felt like.  It was a gathering of learning, respect, inclusion, and love.  The take away for me was that I’m on the right track using my art for a higher purpose.  I was reminded that to be healthy, and to grow, you have to surround yourself with community.  Artists can be a solitary bunch… but it’s often to our detriment.

You have been in the music industry a long time!! What are some lessons you have learned along the way?

Keep the main thing the main thing.  What is your “Grand Why”?  What is your purpose?  If you don’t know the answer to that, you are flailing at your art and life, and you are not as effective as you can be.  I keep learning that lesson every day, but I think I’m slowly getting better at retaining it.

How has your faith guided you in your decisions as an artist?  

My faith in Jesus Christ has taught me that I am not an artist, songwriter, singer, or musician; I am His child first.  Identity and purpose are key to artistic clarity.  Once He taught me that, my art began to flow more freely than ever.  I actually had to become less focused on my art to get better at it.