Socality Seattle | Community Excursion

April 1st was no joke in Seattle. We had over 150 creatives that showed up for some good hangs and connect with each other while hiking up Rattlesnake Ridge in North Bend, WA. Led by our local community members, Tanner (@tannerwendell) and Maria Stewart (@mariawendellstewart) this whole group gathered despite the rain. Thanks to our friends at Moment Lens who bought tons of pizza so all those hungry kids could be fed after the big hike.

Socality continues to create gatherings paces for people to connect on common ground. In this day and age of social media, so often people can feel more isolate than ever. We are joined to our devices but not to each other, yet we were made for human interaction. These community events are bringing people together for face-to-face encounters while allowing time and opportunity to create together and capture these moments.

Check out the video recap filmed by Kyle Kotajarvi (@kylekotajarvi). How awesome is it to see all the people coming together. Thanks to our co-hosts @charlottlelittlewolf, @joellefriend, @kylekotajarvi, @zmelhus, @hannah.aspen @zach_reed @jermzlee.

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