Friday Favourites: The Unfold App

Over the last few years, social media has changed the way we communicate, form relationships, and share the most fundamental element of human culture: storytelling. As our digital mediums evolve, new modes of communication have emerged, changing the way we consume others’ stories and express our own. And not necessarily for the better: as we find ourselves connected to more and more people across internet platforms, our attention spans for each person shorten in turn. We’ve embraced quantity, but in doing so, perhaps we’re sacrificing authentic connection as we cave to the pressure to be ever-present online. The result is that so much of what we consume is now just noise to us. 

Yet for many of us in the creative community, social media has been the source of wonderful friendships that have carried over into the everyday, and defined chapters of our lives. Naturally, we feel inclined to share aspects of ourselves online, specifically through bite-size (or fifteen-second) snippets on Instagram Stories. How then, can we use these mediums and platforms to tell stories in beautiful, intentional, and meaningful ways? How do we express ourselves through tools like Instagram Stories without adding to the white noise that people are exposed to but don’t truly digest?


Socality community member Alfie Cobo (@alfiecobo) has an answer: intentional storytelling. We met Alfie in New York City at a Socality Community Event in the early part of 2017, and have enjoyed following his journey since then. 

Shortly after Instagram released its Stories feature, Alfie conceived of a way to share meaningful content on the platform in a unique and accessible way. When Alfie and his team launched the Unfold app, they hoped they had created a way for users all over the world to tell their stories on their terms. Driven by a passion for authenticity and purpose, Unfold was developed as a digital toolkit for storytellers to create beautiful pieces for Instagram. Characterized by minimal and elegant templates that allow for balance between imagery and narration, and a healthy dose of individuality, Unfold is a standout among a myriad of third-party Stories apps because it empowers its users to be thoughtful and inspiring storytellers. As Stories becomes one of the most popular and consumed features of Instagram, using Instagram Stories in a purposeful way has the ability to achieves so much more than simply sharing pieces of your day: intentional storytelling can invite your online community to learn something new, experience the world through your eyes, or come together and drive positive change on social media and beyond.

A few reasons we love what Alfie and his team are doing with Unfold:

— Unfold features clean white and black templates, a variety of classic fonts, and simple geometric shapes to allow you to create professional-looking stories regardless of what you decide to share.

— The app helps to create clean and consistent Stories Highlights if you're looking for consistency.  

— Unfold has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its inception, and continues to grow. The future is bright for these guys!


The Unfold App can be found on Apple's app store and in beta release for Android on Google Play. 

Lauren Hyde