This is my community

The movement is here. The movement is love. This is Socality

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1. Connect GLobalLY

Start using #socality. This hashtag will help you discover and connect with people who are a part of this movement all over the globe. You don’t have to use the hashtag in your own posts, but it will certainly help you meet new people.

2. Connect LocaLlY

Join your local Group through Facebook. Click here to find your group. Also use your local state or city hashtag to connect. Just add your city or state to your post and find others this way as well.  (#socalityseattle #socalitywashington)

3. Connect with Us

4. Engage Digitially

Engage with others and make yourself known. Comment and like other people’s photos to get to know each other; you never know what amazing friendships could be formed.

5. Engage In PersoN

Attend a meet-up, a community dinner or a conversation hosted in your local area. Check out your local hashtag for more. Also at various times through the year we host Community Projects designed to bring us together as a community to make an impact.  


Don't only engage with the current community, but actively pursue inviting new people. Everyone is invited!