Socality 2017: A year in review

As we look towards 2018 we take a look back on the past year. Reflecting on what happened helps cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving. It also helps us all learn from what the past has taught us to make us better and stronger.

In 2016 we sent out a letter to our community with our plans and visions for 2017 and I am happy to announce that we did everything we had said we would do. We were excited to roll out community days in various cities across North America, which brought together people from every walk of life. We hosted our very first ever Socality Camp, which sold out and brought out 150 creatives from all over the world to come together and learn. We launched our first online course as we begin our journey into education and empowering creators everywhere.

Supporting and helping other social organizations is also one of our main goals. Joining with IJM we were able to help share the story of rescuing kids from slavery. As 2018 approaches we are in discussion on how to make bigger impact and bring greater attention to this horrific crisis and injustice towards children.

Socality is a community designed to bring people together and use our collective voices, online and in person for good. We look forward to doing just that in 2018.

Take a look back at some of our 2017 highlights that you helped make possible. 

Thank you for being apart of this community and helping make this all possible!

Here's to a great and happy New Year

Scott Bakken

Community Days



We sang, gathered and ate


Seattle, WA

We hiked through the rain.


Redding, CA

We gathered in the snow


New York City

We took over Dumbo Park


Vancouver, B.C.

We captured and created




We were invited to Australia to oversee community and connection for Planetshakers 20th anniversary in Melbourne.



35 creators and leaders dream and create together while exploring this very Holy land.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 5.55.31 PM.png

Socality Camp

The first creative camp brought together creators, mavericks and adventurers in Alberta for a 5-day experience. Through workshops, live sessions and campfires this was the perfect atmosphere to connect, learn and create together. 



Socality Education

We launched our very first online course that will help people learn and grow in a skill from their very own home. The private Facebook group provides an opportunity to connect with other creators, showcase your work and learn together. 



International Justice Mission

We helped share the story of IJM and their mission to help rescue children from Ghana. Using our voices online and in person to bring awareness and activate social change is part of our mission



Not in My city is an initiative to bring awareness and a stop to sex slave trafficking in local cities. We partnered with Founder and Musician, Paul Brandt to throw an event in Calgary in support.


World Perspective Day

We partnered with 100cameras in support of World Perspective Day. Created to help us all see through the eyes of another. In partnership with VSCO, Apolis, The Giving Keys, Ona Bags and many more we all helped tell the story on March 30,2017.

_DSC5781 copy.jpg

2018 … The Story Continues.

The Deep Place | International Justice Mission

by: Jonathan Zoeteman

One of the Socality core values is purposeful community and we believe that the ability to leverage the networks and relationships we have can have a profound effect on the way we affect change in the world. Every year we choose to get behind and support causes that are close to our hearts, and one of those is the issue of slavery in our modern world. We truly believe that every person deserves the right to be free, and that we can realize a world without slavery in our lifetimes.

An organization that is making a huge difference in this area is International Justice Mission (IJM), and we have an opportunity as a community to get behind their current efforts in bringing rescue and freedom to the children of Ghana.

Here's the story of one of those rescued

Here's a couple simple ways you can get involved this week:

1. Share a video on Facebook

Two different videos that can be shared to communicate the importance of the work being done in Ghana right now. 

Video 1: Aftercare: The Healing Begins: 

Video 2: The Deep Place: 

2. Give

If you're able, head over to and give something to support the rescues taking place. Everything helps, and we believe that collectively we can make a massive difference in realizing a world where slavery becomes history. 


It all starts with community | Socality Vancouver

by: Scott Bakken

Is it just us or have people been abandoning community? Years ago when social apps like Instagram first launched there were meet ups and gatherings happening all the time. As people have grown on social, community has disappeared as many have pursued opportunities. Yet, through Socality we have stayed true to our roots. We are committed more than every to turn your online social experience into face to face encounters. There is something special when people gather, have real conversations without any other intention but to build friendships. Naturally there are great bi-products such as collaborations, business opportunities or even the start of new projects when people dream together. All of this starts with community.

Our Socality Vancouver Community day brought together over 200 people from BC, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Alberta, California and beyond.

Our friends at Sackcloth and Ashes helped make the day possible and we were able to buy food and coffee for everyone to enjoy before we hiked up to Gold Pond Falls at Golden Ears National Park. Sackcloth and Ashes create beautiful blankets that when one is purchased they give another to your local homeless shelter. They have been very supportive of our community and we encourage you to check them out!

Tentree challenged us all to clean up the park as we hiked. Gathering in the outdoors is one of our favourite things and so we were glad to use our gathering as an opportunity to keep our parks clean for others to enjoy. 

Overall, we had an awesome time gathering before we all hit ot out for food after. 

Socality is continuing to expand its community through our community days and you can expect to see many more in 2018. Stay up to date by signing up for our email list and join your local FB group now. 

Check out a few stories and images from Socality Vancouver.

Photos by: @zmelhus @shortstache @scottcbakken & @adventureconwards

3 new friends, 20 hour road trip, 8 hour detour, 2 broken brakes, one dead headlight, one sleepless drive through the night and all the adventure and beauty a guy could ask for? Yeah Socality Vancouver was worth it!

Still trying to catch up on all the new friends and collaborations waiting to happen from the over 150 creatives (from all over the world) that showed up to adventure together through the Vancouver rainforest to a majestic misty waterfall in Golden ears national park.My gas tank is empty but my heart is full!

Thanks for another unforgettable event @socality
— -Jay McDonald
Last Saturday, 200 people — 200 strangers — gathered in Golden Ears Provincial Park outside of Vancouver. On a crisp October afternoon, we traipsed along the forest trail toward Gold Creek Falls. But when we arrived at the end of the path we realized that the beauty of the falls, with mist glinting in the sunlight like fairy dust, wasn’t our destination. We were so busy making conversation with each other, forming new bonds and having a blast from a creative standpoint — crafting stories through words, images, and video, that our surroundings (beautiful though they were) were almost irrelevant. The photos you’ll see, the words you’ll read, the videos you’ll watch from our meet-up aren’t focused on the tall graceful trees or the rushing river set in a valley awash with warm autumn colors. They’re centered on the people who came out from Alberta, Arizona, Australia, and beyond, and said hello to one another, with a nod and a smile, sparking friendships in the parking lot. This is what Socality is all about. Connectivity. Connection. Us.
— Lauren Rene Hyde

Houston Relief Efforts | Connecting Neighbors Around Purpose

Words by: Blake Canterbury, Founder of Purposity; Photos by: Clark Miller

We’re all on a quest to find purpose in our lives. We believe that purpose is found by living a generous life. When you give your life away, you begin to find it. Or as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “the purpose of life is to not to be happy. It is to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

And, while we’re all struggling with this quest, what if the answer is that purpose isn’t found by doing more for ourselves but by doing more for others?

Just over a year ago, a few friends set out to solve a problem.

Your life is busy. Everywhere around us we see people in need. And, we want to help but don’t know how. In a world where we can do a doctor’s appointment from our cell phones, we still have no idea if someone two doors down from us has food to eat or clothes to wear.

So, we built Purposity.

Purposity finds those in need near you. School systems and non-profits in local communities let us know needs of individuals in your area, like an elementary school student who has holes in her shoes. Requests are vetted by both the partner organizations and through Purposity to assure they’re valid needs. And, all items ship directly to these organizations for distribution. It’s transparent, one-to-one giving in the easiest way imaginable-your phone.

Users of Purposity receive one text a week with a link to a need in their community. They read the story of the individual, see the price and can purchase the item from Amazon in under two minutes right from their phone. So far, Purposity users have met over 3,000 individual needs and there are plans to expand to other cities this fall.

And while community generally means local needs, Purposity users can also get involved when large tragedies or natural disasters strike. In those times, the entire nation becomes a community. When Hurricane Harvey hit, we deviated a bit from our norm by launching a two phased approach.

Phase 1 is short-term immediate help. Children were returning to schools that lost everything, so we began by helping rebuild classrooms lost in the flooding. Needs are coming in daily for classrooms in Houston. Phase two will be long- term efforts in Texas. We are partnering with organizations on-the-ground (our new friends in Austin, TX), to help individuals and families put their lives back together, essentially bringing you just one text away from rebuilding lives.

We would love you to join us in proving that humanity is good. Jump in on our relief efforts or sign up for a community that’s live today at

Purposity is a vision of seeing the world as it should be. It’s the quest to connect neighbors and communities around purpose. It’s you helping those around you. #liveonpurpose 

It all started with a bear | Treeline Outdoors

Socality Camp has partnered with Treeline Outdoors for our upcoming camp. Celebrating Canada’s 150th and hosting the Camp in Alberta, we are excited to partner with this crew of local mavericks and outdoor adventurists. Perfect for sleeping under the stars and adventuring on the go, Treeline Outdoors will be bringing their innovative Roof-Top Tents to Camp. Explore their tents and relax, create and collaborate in a campout-themed chill zone among the trees.

Treeline’s Roof-Top Tents make it easy to set-up camp anywhere your travels take you. Grab your crew, get on the road and get to exploring the natural world around us.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.17.21 PM.png

With three different sizes, Treeline’s Roof-Top Tents can fit on the roof of anything from a Subaru to an SUV to a pick-up. Roof-Top Tents feature a rugged, lightweight aluminum honeycomb base, making their design the strongest and most durable tent base on the market. All the tents come standard with Treeline's signature oversized patent-pending awning windows that can be rolled up for unrestricted views, patented utility/storage bags, utility net on the underside for additional storage, hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly, and heavy duty rubber latches for storing heavier gear like rods and paddles, keeping them safe and out of the way. The tents set-up and take down in minutes. Large hinges allow storage of bedding inside the tent while collapsed freeling up space in your vehicle. Each Roof-Top Tent also comes with a built-in, waterproof-covered, high density 2 1/2" foam mattress made for max sleeping comfort that can stay inside the tent during travel. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.40.18 PM.png

Where did Treeline begin?

Treeline Outdoors all began with a bear...

While camping in the wilds of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the founders of Treeline Outdoors met a large Grizzly Bear along the way. He came wandering through their campsite one night, trapping them in their ground tents. The night seemed never-ending, but finally they frightened the bear away. The campers knew there had to be a better way to camp: enter the Treeline Roof-Top Tent. This was the night that Treeline Outdoors was born.

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of outdoorsmen and adventurers in Turner Valley, Alberta. You can find them combing the back-roads of the Canadian Pacific Northwest in search of adventure and natural beauty, perfecting the art of camping as they go. Treeline began with the introduction of the Roof-Top Tent and has grown to include a line of Premium Bush Tools, and gear solutions for anyone from the weekend warrior to the modern outdoor adventurer. 

Learn more and @treelineoutdoors