Created in 2014, Socality is a creative community that exists to inspire artists, creators, and innovators to create things that make a difference. Socality began with the simple goal of connecting creatives online and in person using social media and live events. Over the years this has grown into a vision that includes education, community events, a creative camp, leadership summits, and collective initiatives designed to engage the community with projects and organizations that are changing our world for the better.


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Some of the best conversations and moments in life happen in our living rooms. Our desire at Socality is to see every space you inhabit become like a living room, where your online interactions turn into real-life friendships. Through Events, Groups and our Leaders we believe the idea of living rooms not only makes connection that much richer, but also makes it easier to find those closest to you! It's a place for everyone's voice to be heard, share ideas, hear stories and serve each other.

We are so excited to back in New York for two unique events. We had such a great response last year and we have built upon this to design two events over a weekend that would bring greater value to our community. 

On June 16, the visual workshop is here to expand your skills and creativity with photo and video. We are bringing together 6 instructors we love that will help lead small focused workshops that will bring practical tips to apply in your daily creation. Together, we will be walking a mapped route with various opportunities to create. At the same time, this will be a time to connect with like-minded creators around you. As part of your registration for the workshop we are offering our 8 module Socality Photography Course plus Socality limited edition Socality enamel pins to commemorate the day, along with a few other perks from our friends at Flixel. 

On June 17, we're gathering in Madison Square Park for an informal community dinner or "picnic in the park". The focus of this night will be relationship and community building, meaningful conversations, with opportunities for creativity and collaboration after dinner. If you're in and around NYC over the weekend of June 16-17, we'd love to see you at one of these events. 

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We have always had a passion for education, and initially this was served through live events, creative conferences, and the learning that happens organically through community. In 2017 we began the process of looking at a framework for developing tools and resources that could support creatives getting started with their craft and creative journeys.

Socality Photography is the first in a series of educational courses designed to provide valuable craft-specific tools to accelerating the process of learning and getting started. Along with individual courses, we’re excited to be exploring a number of in-person workshop opportunities and practical ways to continue to develop stronger ways to connect with other creatives and learn from one another.