Socality exists to develop and mobilize cultural changemakers by gathering, educating and resourcing a generation for the advancement and proclamation of the gospel of Christ.

This is My Community

Latest keynote from Socality documenting our vision, mission and our story. We are all about loving God loving people and committing to the process. Click below to watch Scott Bakken give the Socality Vision Keynote 2015 from Socality Live SD on July 30, 2015.

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Some of the best conversations and moments in life happen in our living rooms. Our desire at Socality is to see every space you inhabit become like a living room, where your online interactions turn into real-life friendships. With the use of Facebook Groups we believe the idea of living rooms not only makes connection that much richer, but also makes it easier to find those closest to you! It's a place for everyone's voice to be heard, share ideas, hear stories and serve each other.