Socality X Krochet Kids | The World's Greatest Beanie

Socality collaborated with Krotchet Kids to create a video to share about their latest product, The World's Greatest Beanie! Filmed in the Andes in Peru, this video tells the story of the makers behind the creation of the beanie and the individuals behind every step of the process.  Watch the beautiful story here and check out Krochet Kids for more. 

Socality Venice- A Night of Lights

Here's the short video recap of our community night in LA at Venice Beach from last week! It was awesome to see so many people come out for our beach picnic!

These nights are great to connect with others in your local community. You can expect to see LOTS of Socality days and nights in 2017 as well as some pretty cool events. We will be announcing all dates this fall! 

Be sure to sign up to your local Facebook group so you can get connected in your area. Use these groups to cultivate community, get to know other creatives in your area, share your work, collaborate, and meet others! 

Socality Community Night Sept 1 - VENICE BEACH

Summer is not over yet so we are having a beach picnic! As few of our team will be in LA and would love to hang out with the California community. Meet us at Venice Beach on Thursday Sept 1 at 5PM. It's fully BYOB (bring your own blanket). Bring your dinner and let's hang and chill together. Look for the wooden Socality LOGO (pictured above) in the sand where we will all be meeting. Then we will enjoy the night, hang out, shoot photos and see what else the night brings our way!

Sign up here. It's free! We just want to know how many are coming and keep you updated with any details for the gathering. Bring friends and let's take in every last minute of summer!

DATE: Thursday SEPT 1st at 5PM- whenever we want.


We will have a spot on the beach directly down from Winward Ave. Find the VENICE sign and walk towards the beach. Go past the Public Art Walls and south of the skate park and look for the Wooden Socality Logo sign. We will be tracing our exact location via Snapchat and IG stories on the day so you can easily find us if you get lost. Feel free to DM us on either of these where we can help you if you can't find us! We will also be sending a few emails updates to make sure you know where to go!

Photo by @elliotsdunning. Public Art Walls in Venice.

Photo by @elliotsdunning. Public Art Walls in Venice.

Lost in Translation


I was pretty much the poster boy for the “good Christian kid”. You know, the one everyone made fun of because he was literally too good for his own good. Yep. That was me. No fun. Annoying, but well-meaning. To be fair, I came by it honestly…

I was basically born on the front bench of my family’s country church in Northern British Columbia. My Dad was the youth pastor / music team leader. My grandparents were on staff at the church; Grandma was the teacher at our church’s school. My family was involved in church activities twice, sometimes three times each week. We only listened to music labeled “Christian” in our home for years, so it should come as no surprise that I was 20 when I discovered who Stevie Wonder was. #FacePalm

I was homeschooled until 11th grade. High school was a great experience for me, but it was also a bit of a culture shock because I literally didn’t have any friends prior who didn’t share my world view, my faith, or speak the way I did. I was the boy trapped in the bubble of Christian culture.

Looking back I can see that it shaped everything for me - some of it good, some not so much. The language I used, the opinions I had, the way I interpreted art…the way I connected with others. I didn’t really know how to relate to someone with a different journey than me.

Photo taken by @technopaul

Photo taken by @technopaul

Thankfully, a lot has changed in my life. Life is hard. Sh*t hits the fan. Sometimes (most times) you don't have all the answers. As deep rooted as my faith might have appeared, I quickly learned that a lot of it was in my head - not in my heart. I also learned that life is messy. It isn’t so cut and dry. Everything isn’t always black and white and everyone’s journey is different. It’s a process. And I believe God loves that process. He welcomes the questions and doubts with a big smile, because the Truth can defend itself. He’s not afraid of the messy, cloudy parts. He just wants to dig in with us and help us sort through it.

My former self might say I’m going to hell in a race car. But he didn’t have a lot of grace for himself - or anyone for that matter. His faith was largely based on performance - on the things he did or didn’t do. My former self needed to take a chill pill. He also needed to break out of his bubble and learn to relate to others - to use the language most of the world uses. He needed to learn to be okay to be raw and honest - even if it didn’t feel perfect and “Christian”, because life isn’t perfect. And the definition of being a “Christian” is not to have it all together. Rather, it is recognizing our need for help and a Saviour because we are all broken and we can’t fix it on our own.

Words are an incredible tool. With them we can literally speak life or death.

Heal or tear down.

Build a bridge or build a wall.

Let’s use our words to build bridges. To include, not alienate others. Let’s put away church-y jargon and express ourselves and our faith journeys in ways that are approachable and inclusive to everyone. You don’t have to change the message. Just the method. All it takes is a little more effort, some creativity and a desire to be selfless. Putting others first is core to who Jesus was. Let’s use our words to meet everyone else where they are at in their journey. Better yet, let’s focus on living lives that do the speaking for us.

Photo by @philipleclerc

Blurred Lines: Calling, Vocation, and Purpose


Brit Gilmore is the President of The Giving Keys. She is passionate about job creation for community transformation and using business to build self-esteem and break cycles of poverty.

A person living in their purpose is powerful, especially when their purpose is rooted in virtuous and compassionate ideas for the common good. I am so inspired today by all of the courageous innovators with bold and transformative ideas that exist and are succeeding at what they set out to do. I look at organizations and companies like International Justice MissionFEEDTOMSWarby ParkerKrochet Kids, etc and I get really excited for where the world is headed. Non-profits are becoming smarter at their work and social businesses that are using products to create revenue, raise awareness AND solve problems are showcasing that for-profit business can have a positive impact on people, communities and the world. 

Unfortunately, the early and medieval church promoted this idea that there is a divide between sacred and secular - that there were sacred jobs and ‘ordinary’ jobs.  In this spiritual dualism 'spiritual' callings were elevated over 'secular' callings. As the Puritan writer William Perkins put it in his Treatise on the Vocations or Callings of Men, “The main end of our lives . . . is to serve God in the serving of men in the works of our callings.” Living in your purpose or vocation is “a certain kind of life, ordained…by God, for the common good.”

Our calling is sacred whether that’s as a pastor, writer, musician, photographer, entrepreneur, mom, athlete or actor. How do we find it? I would suggest it comes through intentional seeking, both internal and external – asking the question, ‘what needs are there in the world and how can I help?’ equally as much as we are asking ‘what am I created for?’  Calling is not only the utilization of your specific talents and gifts, but an awareness of the world around you, the needs of your community and the merging of the two. Living a life of service through your unique talents and gifts in whatever industry or sphere you are called. Be bold, be courageous, live out your values to better the world.